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 Дикие Движения
...welcome to the Dikiye Dvizheniya Website.

File repository.
This is the list of all applications currently available for download. All applications are tested on Win9x, but should work well on NT/2k/XP, too. All programs are self-contained and do not need any runtime libraries or additional modules apart from those provided by the operating system.
Some applications come in two flavors. You may download a full installer/uninstaller package, which will guide you through the setup process, create shortcuts and directories for you, etc. But as size is a key concern of our apps, we provide you with the option to download a simple zipped distribution file and do the install yourself with the help of the enclosed readme.
Please make sure you read the documentation that comes with the software. You can use the provided hashes with DDHash to verify the authenticity of the downloaded files.

Last version: from Nov 29, 2000.
Zip package [51775 byte] [SHA-1: 0BE92584 E8C9D61C D642FBF7 6292393A E0E7C6DB]
Installer [101156 byte] [SHA-1: 0B415CAB 374D2482 7581821B A45FF8A3 45D8CC58]

Last version: from Dec 31, 2000.
Zip package [7895 byte] [SHA-1: 65D3E896 027933AA EE93ECDF A673763E 14BD598B]
Installer [56128 byte] [SHA-1: 9403EC58 A2C21B45 9CF75E36 F3EC3809 A147D707]

Last version: from Nov 12, 2002.
Zip package [5499 byte] [SHA-1: 7E205450 7EBB57B1 225B7DCD 34286632 14964D08]

Last version: from May 12, 2003.
Zip package [6733 byte] [SHA-1: 853960A2 8BCD95DA F57F4905 12D7AEF1 FDBA4078]

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