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 Дикие Движения
...welcome to the Dikiye Dvizheniya Website.

About DDHash.
The main reason for creating DDHash was to provide a means of checking, whether you have the original, unmodified distribution of any program made by DD. The authenticity of a file can be checked by comparing a unique fingerprint, a so called hash, of the distribution archive to the signature of the archive published on the DD Website. So if both match, you are sure to have a safe copy.

The license agreement for DD applications allows the distribution of software packages under certain conditions. That means that DD software is available not only from this site, but also from other sources all over the web. Still users want to make sure, that they have an unmodified program, the full documentation, no viruses or other malware: in short, a safe copy. By comparing the file signatures you can make sure, your copy is ok.

Technical aspects.
DDHash generates SHA-1 hashes of files. So the signatures published on this site are compatible to those of other SHA-1 hash generators. Of course we hope, that you wonít need other hasher now that you have found DDHash ;).
DDHash can integrate into the windows explorer and supports a command line interface with wildcard support. And we are proud to say: Itís really fast!

Download your copy and see what DDHash can do for you.

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