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 Дикие Движения
...welcome to the Dikiye Dvizheniya Website.

The news.
Every now and then this site is updated with the latest news. Be sure to grab your updated versions of DD tools!

May 18, 2003
New site design online. Hope this one is clearer and easier to read.

May 12, 2003
New release version of DDHash available! Now supports wildcards, subdirectory hashing and a better command line interface.

Feb 06, 2003
Made a few cosmetic changes to DDHash, which now carries an icon ;.

Feb 03, 2003
DD’s alive, even in 2003. Here’s the proof: DDHash, a SHA-1 hash generator.

Nov 12, 2002
New version of  DDmailto, changed code output and smaller cosmetic improvements.

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