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 Дикие Движения
...welcome to the Dikiye Dvizheniya Website.

You have come to the right place to download applications made by Dikiye Dvizheniya. The usage and distribution of DD apps is subject to the following license conditions. Please read them carefully. You have to agree with them in order to download, distribute and use DD apps.

License agreement.
Dikiye Dvizheniya ("The author of the software") makes no representations about the suitability of this software or about any content or information made accessible by the software, for any purpose. The software is provided 'as is' without express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or noninfringement. This software is provided gratuitously and, accordingly, the author shall not be liable under any theory for any damages suffered by you or any user of the software. The author is under no obligation to issue updates to this software. The author shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, special or indirect damages of any sort, whether arising in tort, contract or otherwise, even if the author has been informed of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other party. The software is not fault-tolerant and is not designed, manufactured or intended for use or resale as online control equipment in hazardous environments requiring fail-safe performance. The author specifically disclaims any express or implied warranty of fitness for such high risk activities.
You may install the software on a hard disk or other storage device; install and use the software on a file server for use on a network for the purposes of (1) permanent installation onto hard disks or other storage devices or (2) use of the software over such network; and make backup copies of the software. You may make and distribute unlimited copies of the software, as long as each copy that you make and distribute contains this license, the documentation and the same copyright and other proprietary notices pertaining to this software that appear in the software.
The software is owned by the author. This license does not grant you any intellectual property rights in the software. You agree not to modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise attempt to discover the source code of the software.
Your use of the software distributed with this statement and on this website is subject to all of the terms and conditions of this statement. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions of this statement, do not use the software.

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