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 Дикие Движения
...welcome to the Dikiye Dvizheniya Website.

About DDmailto.
Wherever you display your e-mail address, be sure spam bots are trying to add it to their databases. So put your e-mail on your homepage and receive lots of spam. Sounds good? Well, DDmailto can help protect your privacy a bit more. It generates modified “encrypted” email links, that display like normal mailto: links, but still are not readable by spam bots. Enter all relevant data into the DDmailto form and paste the generated code into the source code of your website. That’s all.

Technical background.
Spam bots parse the html sources of websites automatically. Wherever they find an ordinary mailto: link, the according e-mail address is put into the spam mailing database. Almost all bots do not understand the combination of javascript and ASCII - codes DDmailto generates and thus don’t recognize the address. The site visitor’s browser will treat the modified links like ordinary ones though.

Download your copy and see what DDmailto can do for you.

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