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About AppSwat.
AppSwat is a process viewer and terminator. It shows a list of all running programs on a computer and lets the user terminate any process unconditionally. This is especially useful for Win9x based systems: On NT based systems like Windows 2000 or XP the built in task manager has quite some control over processes. On Windows 9x/ME it often fails to shutdown programs or even display their presence.

A program has crashed, but still refuses to shutdown. You hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and try to shutdown the process. If you’re lucky the task manager will close the application, if you are not, it will simply fail. AppSwat will let you close any application with just a quick mouseclick. And by the way, if you’re curious what programs are actually running, what tasks are sitting in the background, maybe even hiding - this information is available in AppSwat’s process list.

Download your copy and see what AppSwat can do for you.

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